• The school helps each pupil succeed in life by providing the best teaching, education and encouragement.

  • I believe that if at the end of Year 11 each year, every student feels that their experiences at Tiverton High School have made them a better person, then the school has done its job.

  • Tiverton High School is a secure, supportive environment where every student is welcome and accepted, regardless of race, religion or any other factor. It is a place where pupils are shown how to achieve their potential in life.

  • I believe that THS exists for children to flourish in their education. I feel that students attending can succeed. The method of teaching is brilliantly inspiring, aiding those with a spark of a dream or goal, to ignite them to create a roaring fire of prosperity.

  • I believe that everyone can find their place within THS and establish their own sense of identity and place in the community.

  • Tiverton High School (THS) stands for the well being and safety of children. This makes me, and countless others, feel secure and happy throughout our school life.

  • Tiverton High School's mission is based on the enthusiasm and belief in student potential. An inspired mind is a flourishing individual and that is what we aim for here at Tiverton High School!

  • I believe that Tiverton High School gives pupils confidence and self esteem throughout their school life and also gives pupils the education they need for further education and stability.

  • Tiverton High School helps the students get the best grades possible in order to succeed in life. They also give students a voice so they can make a stand and make a difference. Finally, THS gives you skills that could really help you in life.

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