• Letter to Parents: Funding January 2018

    Letter to parents/carers and information on the National Funding Formula.

  • HPV Safety Concerns - a reply


  • Development Day 3

  • - free online support for young people

    We have been given information on a new service for young people to access. The service can be found at

    The aim of the website is to give young people the opportunity to talk to someone confidentially, about anything that is bothering them.

    What can I do on

    Chat to our friendly counsellors

    Read articles in our magazine

    Get support from people your age in our forums

    Write about how you're feeling in your online journal

    For more information follow the link above or come and talk to Mrs Warren, Mrs Mayes or Mrs Lovett (Julie)

  • Federation update

    On Monday the governing bodies of Heathcoat primary, Rackenford and Tiverton High Schools met to review the correspondence received as a result of the consultation regarding the proposed federation.  I am pleased to inform you that all governing bodies voted in favour of becoming a federation with effect from 1st January 2017.

    You should have already received a letter explaining this which was sent home, by hand on Tuesday. We are now in the process of creating a new Federation governing board and would welcome parents/carers to put themselves forward to be considered to join this new board in 2017.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the existing governors of THS who have worked very hard behind the scenes to support the school, the staff and the students. It goes without saying that their support and robust challenge over the years  has helped secure where the school is today.

    Sammy Crook

  • 2017 Tiverton Lantern Parade

    The Tiverton Cooperative Learning Partnership is immensely proud that hundreds of our young people supported by many members of staff and parents took part in the Town's annual lantern parade. This year the parade formed part of the “Winterfest” celebrations organised by the Tiverton Business Forum who gave prizes for the best schools in the parade. We are proud that the High School won first prize with the octopus, camel, elephant and other creatures created by our art department!  Petroc came second with “Pegasus” who ended the parade and Bolham achieved third prize with their display.  The students and pupils were then pleased to visit various locations across the town for soup or gingerbread provided by the business forum. Our thanks go to John Freeman from Exe Valley Rotary Club for his support. This was a terrific evening in which Tiverton's young people did themselves and the whole community proud!


  • Christmas Celebration 2016

  • Annual Bullying Survey

    We’ve teamed up with the international anti-bullying charity, Ditch the Label and will be taking part in The Annual Bullying Survey 2017. All students have from now until 28th February 2017 to share their thoughts and experiences of bullying to be included in a national report. Taking part is easy and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

    Here’s how:


    1. Click “The Annual Bullying Survey UK – 2017”
    2. Welcome message – click NEXT
    3. Choose YES to being at school or college
    4. Enter your school/college ID code. HP29

  • Library News

    Library News

    It is great to see so many of our Year 7 students using the library at break and lunch time.

    The library is open to all year groups for homework and revision every day until 4.30pm

    Mrs Long & Mrs Leitch

  • THS mentioned in article about Alumni Networks
  • THS Weekly Bulletin
  • Report Survey
  • Year 10 More Able and Talented Physicists Success

    A special congratulation to 5 of our More Able and Talented Physicists who applied for and secured a place on the GCSE Physics Enhancement course at Exeter Maths School.

    The aim of the programme is to bring these students together, to enable them to work with peers who are similarly able and motivated, to provide stimuli which will deepen and broaden their appreciation of physics and its related fields and to demonstrate how physics relates to their lives.

    They will be supported throughout their secondary school career through Exeter Maths School – an outstanding opportunity for our high ability students.

    The places were awarded to

    George Pain

    Mathew Ware

    Dan Angel

    Erin Thompson

    Katy Bates

  • THS Ambassador attended the Exeter Maths Summer School

    THS Ambassador Mathew Syers attended the Exeter Maths School Summer residential programme.

    “During the summer I was given the opportunity to attend a three day residential at the Exeter Maths school. This was a great opportunity as I am hoping to attend the maths school when I move up to college, and it allowed me to meet with some of the teachers there.

    We covered a wide variety of mathematical subjects from probability to logic puzzles to game theory as well as some physics on the side. My personal favourite was Topology, a slightly obscure branch of mathematics that deals with describing a world where distance and angles do not exist and coffee cup is the same as a doughnut.

    This was a really great look into what life might be like at college and has definitely convinced me to choose Maths as an A-level.”

  • Year Book Update

    Thank you to last year’s Year 11 for your patience whilst we have attempted to sort out the problems with the Year Book. We have now placed an order for the book to be re-printed with a new company and we hope to have something back from them within the next few weeks. Please watch out for an update here as soon as the newly printed books arrive!

  • Open Evening - Tuesday Oct 4th

  • THS students presented with trophy

    Back in May, THS took part in the Sunday Morning CLIC SARGENT Tiverton Canal 10K Run. Out of the many community groups that participate, THS were well represented and won the trophy for the "most participants". This week, Joy Petley, organiser and representative from CLIC came into meet some of the students that participated this week to present them with the trophy. The students also won the shield, for the most money raised, they raised a collective £300. Noteworthy runners in the race were the talented long distance runner; Leian Hunter who came in with a PB of 39mins, and Barny Butt a respectable PB of 45minutes.

  • THS Exam Results 2016

    Student achievement in English and Maths rises by 5% at THS

    Achievement in the government's new headline measure of students achieving a grade C or above in both English and Maths GCSE rose by 5% from 48% to 53%.  Given that the year group came to us with SATs figures lower than that of the previous year this represents excellent progress.  This rise is particularly pleasing against a backdrop of what appears to be a national decline.

    Although it is not possible to know overall progress in the government's new 'Progress 8' measure until they release the data next term, it appears students have once again made good progress across a wide variety of subjects, particularly English and Maths.

    Students of all abilities achieved well.  There have been some eye catching results, and we are proud of all the hard work that has been put into achieving them.

    As usual, some individuals' results stand out, and particularly eye catching results include:

    • Sophie Blann - 5 A*s and 4 As
    • Aimee Langdon - 5 A*s and 4 As
    • Martha Dinsdale - 4 A*s and 6 As
    • Beth Hookins - A*s and 5 As
    • Emma Cox - 3A*s and 6As
    • Jake Stoneman - 2A*s and 7As
    • James Aplin - 1A*, 4As, 5Bs and 2Cs

    And another 5 students achieving several A*/As overall.  My congratulations to them and all our students who worked so hard over the last two years.

    The beginning of term will see the start of Sammy Crooks first year as Head of THS.  Having seen the hard work our staff and students in Year 10 have already put in I am confident  that this strong improvement in results will continue in to next year.

  • Parent Forum

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