History has always been an exciting and inspiring subject for students. It allows them to understand the world we live in nowadays through comparing it to the world our ancestors lived in. At Tiverton High School we strive to make History relevant to all students across both Key Stages by focusing on case studies of ordinary people as well as the great figures from History. This enables students to connect more readily with the past as they can relate to the experiences of people similar to themselves. As a Department we are always looking for students to work independently and lead enquiries into deep and complex issues within the subject, with advice and guidance from their teachers. All of this creates an extremely positive learning experience for all History students with students showing a real passion for the subject and desire to achieve.

  • KS3

    The aim of the KS3 curriculum is to give students a broad and deep understanding of many of the important historical topics that are relevant and important to them. In Year 7 students are first introduced to the skills that are required to be a successful Historian, and are then led straight into the Romans, followed by Medieval Realms. This builds upon much of the knowledge they have gained during KS2. The main topics covered in Year 8 are the Tudors, the Stuarts, the Industrial Revolution and slavery. Their studies then continue chronologically into Year 9 with Empire, World War One, the rise of Hitler, World War Two and up to present day. Historical skills are returned to consistently throughout the Key Stage to ensure students are able to develop these skills and continue with them to Key Stage 4 if they so choose.

  • KS4

    The KS4 curriculum is assessed using the WJEC examinations board. We follow an exciting and varied curriculum which enables students to combine gaining knowledge and understanding with implementing their skills and demonstrating independent thinking. The course begins with the largest topic, Medicine Through Time. In this students are asked to chart the progress of medicine from the Middle Ages to the present day, enquiring as to the reasons why progress has been made on occasion and why that progress has so often been held back. This is followed by a study of Germany following World War One until the conclusion of World War Two. This is often a favourite of students as they feel this is relevant to them and is a topic they are often already familiar with. This is followed by a piece of controlled assessment that alternates between South Africa and World War One. In this area students are asked to investigate sources and evaluate them to reach a conclusion on a set topic. This is very much a skills-based unit of work. The final topic is sport, leisure and tourism, which is the third of the examination topics assessed at the end of the course in their Summer examinations. The course gains a lot of interest from our students and gives them an extremely positive learning experience due to the positive relationships built between History students and the staff delivering the subject.

  • Curriculum


    Year 7

    Year 8

    Year 9

    Year 10

    Year 11

    Aut 1

    Historical Skills

    Historical Skills

    Historical Skills

    Ancient Medicine

    Living through the War in Germany

    Aut 2



    World War One

    Medieval and Renaissance Medicine

    Controlled Assessment


    Contenders to the throne and Hastings


    Rise of Hitler

    Medicine in the Industrial World

    Sport, Leisure and Tourism

    Spr 2

    Life under the Normans

    Industrial revolution

    World War Two

    Modern Medicine


    Sum 1

    Medieval Life


    Living Through the War

    Rise of Hitler


    Sum 2

    Robin Hood

    Slave Trade

    The World after WW2

    Life in Nazi Germany


  • Teaching

    The Department always aims to have a varied and exciting approach to the study of History, with a clear focus on the skills required of Historians as well as subject knowledge. Students are asked to form their own questions about topics and use their enquiry skills to find the answers. This enables students to investigate whole topics within History independently and draw their own conclusions about what they are studying. There are differentiated resources available that allow students of all abilities to be stretched and challenged in lessons which adds to their willingness to learn for themselves.

  • Aspiration

    History is clearly a subject that many students are keen to study as it interests them greatly. However, History is also a subject that teaches students many of the skills required for success in their adult life. It teaches students how to investigate sources of information and reach balanced and reasoned conclusions based on critical evaluation of this material. These skills are essential in the world of business and therefore the study of History through school, college and University and our aim is to provide the basis for success in all of these areas at Tiverton High School.

  • Staff

    David Saunders

    Subject Leader


    David Hart



    Rachel Harvey



    Linda Evans



Pupils and Staff

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