In this subject we give our students the skills and understanding to succeed in the 3 Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We pride ourselves in teaching a varied and up to date curriculum, allowing students to see what is beyond the classroom.

Within this subject we are always looking to give our students the best opportunities and experiences throughout the year, for example:

  • STEM – Big Bang Fair
  • STEM Ambassador visitors – day events in school.
  • Met Office Science Camp

We also nominate students for Exeter Maths School for GCSE Physics Enhancement and Physics Community programme.

  • KS3

    In years 7 and 8 investigative skills are introduced to allow students to develop and gain confidence in preparation for their GCSE’s.

    All 3 sciences are interlinked in exploring the big 5 ideas; Energy, Particles, Forces, Interdependence and Cells. Throughout the key stage 3 curriculum we aim to inspire and challenge students to ask questions about the world around us and how their decisions can directly impact on it.

  • KS4

    By the time students start AQA GCSE (Trilogy specification 8464 and Separate Science 8461, 8462, 8463) they are prepared with the correct scientific skills to access the highest levels.

  • Trilogy (two Sciences GCSEs)

    Biology: Health matters, Digestion, Genetics, Cell biology, Photosynthesis, Moving and changing materials, Coordination and control, Variation and evolution and Ecology in action.

    Chemistry: Atomic structure and the periodic table, Structure and bonding, Chemical changes, Energy changes, Hydrocarbons, chemical analysis, the atmosphere and sustainable development.

    Physics: Energy, Electricity, Waves, Electromagnetism, Particle model of matter, Atomic structure, and Forces.

  • Separate Science (three science GCSEs)

    This course overlaps with the Trilogy, but allows students to go into more depth for a greater understanding.

    In both courses students are required to carry out specific practical activities to develop their scientific and investigative skills ready for their GCSEs and beyond.

  • KS3 and KS4 Biology Learning Journeys
  • Staff

    Sarah Murray

    Subject Leader


    Helena Taylor

    Assistant Subject Leader


    Briony Copsey

    KS3 co-ordinator


    Lisa Clark

    Head of House


    Helen Cowan



    Naomi McDonald



    Nathalie Wicks



    Jenny Greig



    Sarah Wyatt



    Gemma Dobson



Pupils and Staff

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