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Art gives students opportunities to be creative, expressive, and to take the journey of self-discovery. It also provides a valuable sense of achievement. Students explore working individually and in groups, learning practical skills that contribute to development in hand/eye coordination and physical dexterity. They also develop symbolic understanding as well as reinforcing Literacy and Maths skills. The art department provides a creative and safe environment for students to learn and explore ideas and to develop, make and evaluate. We expect students to continue to develop their skills acting on advice, achieving their full potential. We provide opportunities in and out of the class room with enriching experiences such as gallery visits, creating the stage set for our much acclaimed theatre productions, making large lanterns for the Light parade and working closely with the TLCP. Our approach in the art department is fun yet hard working.


Rae Owen Subject leader, Leader of learning, Teacher of textiles  
Jenny Basham Second in department, KS3 coodinator, Teacher of textiles  
Alistair Fitchett Assistant Head, Teacher of Photography  
Sarah Maude-Boss Teacher of Art, Drama and Photography  
Sammy Crook Deputy Head, teacher of art  
Fiona Buss Teacher of Art  
Lisa Pow Teacher of textiles & Art, Art and Textiles technician  


We strive to expose KS3 students to a wide range of art disciplines. This enables them to experience and develop different ways of creating art using a range of materials, techniques and processes. We ensure students develop their ideas and have the basic skills for a foundation for GCSE if they choose to study further any of the art options in key stage 4. Students know how to improve though continues assessment and verbal feedback. The use of a sketchbook portfolio for all 3 years of KS3 allows students to easily see their skills progressing. This also acts as a helpful reference guide for key stage 4. We give students a Level grade on their outcomes at the end of each term, assessing their responses to artists, recording, developing and modifying designs and final pieces. Their evaluations at the end of each project embed their knowledge, skills and understanding.  Students develop individual approaches to the presentation of their work and we always cover projects that suit a wide range of interests. We ensure that we use the study of art to develop students’ cultural awareness, social and ethical values through community and issue based projects.

Art has traditionally played an important part of THS culture with a high percentage of students selecting to study at KS4. As a response to this we provide a wide range of courses that suit our students and their interests. Our offer includes an unendorsed Art and Design GCSE, which focus on drawing, painting, printing and sculpture; a GCSE in Graphic Communications exploring both graphic and print based media; Photography GCSE which develops students’ skills using both digital and stills technique as well as studying film. We also offer Graphic Products, which is an exciting new course aiming to give students interested in product design two qualifications along with an Art GCSE. Our high quality courses provide students with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world of art and design and to equip them with a firm foundation for further study at college. For our Gifted and Talented students we offer an art or photography GCSE course in year 10 progressing to an AS level course in year 11. 


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

• Ceramics and organic form

o Introduction to mark making and organic form

o Use of materials

o Observational drawing and designing

o Big Write – artists Peter Randall

o 3D organic form and bugs inspired ceramic outcome

• Culture and Printing

o Learning composition through printing

o Layering, limiting palette and understanding colour

o Drawing material selection

• Seeing Music

o Drawing, composition, design and painting

o Exploring Kandinsky focusing on painting and abstract art, mark making and composition

o Painting techniques and colour choices

• Movement and architecture

o Exploring Futurism, ICT, animation, photography and card construction

• Figures in enclosed spaces

o Exploring Henry Moore

o Drawing figures using directional shading and mixed media to create form

o 3D Construction techniques (Carving)

• Foundation to GCSE

• Using photography to explore textures, shape and line of objects

*this will be run like a GCSE project in preparation for GCSE with a focus on high standards of recording

• Art and Design

o Basic elements and prints

o Exploring drawing and mark making with a range of materials

o Stage set construction for school show Joseph

o Body adornment and architecture

o Exploration of 3D materials and design

o Mock exam

• Photography

o Basic elements – composition analysis, rule of thirds

o Research skills

o Digital portfolio

o Camera knowledge, techniques and skills

o Genre – portrait photography, fashion, photojournalism

o Film Noir – story boarding, script writing, directing, editing and adding sound 

• Art and Design

o Basic elements and prints

o Cultural links

o Body adornment and architecture

o Mock – order and disorder

o Exam and time test

• Art and design T

o Final piece construction of architecture and culture

o Mock – Order and disorder

• Digital Art

o Typography – Magazine design

o Mock

• AS Art

o Unit 1 – Rhythms and Cycles

o Exam (theme to be set in 2015)

• AS Photography

o Unit 1 – Clash culture, Chaos

• Exam (theme to be set in 2015)

Our curriculum is differentiated to enable successful learning outcomes for all abilities. Our aim is for all students to achieve their potential with personalised and targeted support, mentoring and provision, All students at THS can choose to study an art option at KS4, and all students are entered for courses they choose. We have structured the delivery of the course to allow students to choose personalised themes to provide extra motivation.  We give all students opportunities to use the equipment, tools and materials in the department and have ‘open studio time’ during breaks, lunch and afterschool clubs. Our GCSE/AS level course provides more able students with opportunities to challenge, deepen, develop and extend their learning. 





Art and Design GCSE



73% A*-C

17% A*-A

Digital Art GCSE



68% A*-C

20% A*-A

Photography GCSE




15% A*-A

BTEC Art and Design double



100% Distinction-Pass

28% Distinction

AS Art and Design



100% Pass

10% A*-A

Creative and media diploma



91% Pass

9% A*-A


An exhibition at the end of the school year celebrates every student’s achievements. Art work has also been exhibited in other venues and won several awards, including a series of short animations which won the First Light Best Comedy Award 2013.We have recently gained the support of Tiverton Arts Society, who choose a selection of work to be included in their summer exhibition. 

Students have the option of continuing their art or photography at PETROC or other local colleges. We have developed a strong partnership with PETROC where both art departments work in partnership to deliver both GCSE and AS Art and Photography courses. This allows for team-teaching opportunities as well as sharing resources, developing relationships with students and colleagues across phases. AS levels can be completed into an A level in year 12 or 13 at college. We offer advice and guidance to students exploring further and higher education pathways to study art at university and the world of work including routes through to specific arts based career choices. 

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