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Mission Statement

THS RPS Department

“In our pursuit of excellence and knowledge about the human being, we seek to know what makes us make the choices we make.”

We seek to understand the philosophy that informs our lives and the choices we make; and ethics that we consider when we make big or small decisions




We seek to understand the philosophy that informs our lives and the choices we make; and ethics that we consider when we make big or small decisions

The subject is offered in for the whole cohort in KS3 and KS4. The popularity of the subject has made is a key subject in the achievement of progress 8. The subject has curved out a niche in the school as one that is very engaging using deep and very demanding questions.

It speaks to the students’ spiritual attitude towards many of the ethical, moral and philosophical issues that they think about. It is provides a platform for students to engage with issues that mean a lot to them and their family members. It covers issues that currently in the public platform and succeeds in generating debates that shape the ethics of a community.

We take pride in providing such a platform where all can engage in and with life.



KS3 Curriculum.

As part of Devon Learning Authority, we follow the agreed syllabus that introduces our students to 6 main religions besides humanism and Paganism. This is in keeping with our ethos of introducing the students to both local and international trends in religion and the accompanying religious practices.

This lays the groundwork for a more focused learning in KS4 where they narrow that down to two main religions.


Year 7

Questions about religion.

  • The place of religion in a society
  • Why religion matters to some people
  • Religion in the world today


  • What is it and why it is important to some people


  • What is Sikhism about
  • Guru Nanak
  • Gurdwara
  • Langar
  • Sevar
  • Baisakhi festival


  • Promises and covenants
  • Sabbath
  • Creation week
  • Suffering in holocaust
  • Justice


Year 8


  • Reincarnation
  • Mystery of Jesus
  • Suffering on behalf of the other


Year 9


  • Duty
  • Karma
  • Soul and re-manifestation of the soul
  • Caste


  • The change in the prince
  • 3 jewels
  • The 5 precepts
  • The Eightfold pathway
  • Happiness in life
  • The journey of the soul
  • Re-incarnation

Science and Religion

  • Reality and imagination
  • Creation vs evolution studies
  • Truth


Making Moral choices




Religious Studies: AQA Specification B.

Studying the human responses to ethical and philosophical issues in the modern and historical world is a key factor in Religion and Philosophy. This is a subject that constructively provokes student to look at their own and others’ points of views, experiences and ways of decision-making. We endeavour to ask many deep questions that prod the students to a higher learning experience. Without it, the school will be incomplete.


Year 10

Religion and Life issues.

  • Religion, war and peace
  • Religion and animal rights
  • Religion and prejudice
  • Religion and early life


Year 11

Religion and Morality

  • Religious attitudes to world poverty
  • Religious attitudes to matters of life
  • Religious attitudes to crime and punishment
  • Religious attitudes to the elderly and death

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