Monday, September 25, 2017

An announcement about next academic year’s school uniform


Dear parent/carer

When the current uniform was introduced it marked a fresh era at Tiverton High School.  The uniform reflects how we value our students in the school and the wider community.

We feel it makes a significant contribution to how students feel at school:

  • To be proud of themselves, their achievements and the school
  • To portray a positive image in the wider community.

That’s why we have made a change in order to make choosing and wearing uniform clearer.

A change in THS uniform policy: simple, consistent and clear for all

We believe that students should come to school looking smart, appropriately dressed in our uniform and proud to be a member of Tiverton High School.

The students’ uniform gives a feeling of pride and purposefulness in their learning – but checking correct usage has become a burden for staff in terms of time.

Our focus, as educators, must be the success of your child in our school, through high quality teaching and learning.  Uniform issues should be low profile in order to achieve this.

We believe that the top half of our uniform is, on the whole, consistently smart.  However it is clear that uniform rules are being broken and misunderstood in regard to the bottom half of the uniform – namely trousers and skirts.

Parents, staff and student feedback has shown that everyone needs clarity and a higher level of consistency, and this has resulted in a positive change in policy.

New choices, low prices and an alternative way to shop

Students must now wear black leather or synthetic leather school shoes.  Trainers and other types of footwear will not be allowed.

A new range of trousers and skirts will feature Tiverton High School branding in the form of a smart ‘riveted’ badge, about the size of a 5p coin.  This gives the clothing identity as well as making it clear that it is appropriate for school.  Any trousers of skirts without the rivet will therefore breach school uniform policy.

We have been very careful to ensure that any changes in uniform give you choice – and are priced fairly.  There will be, for example, a choice in trousers and skirts priced from £5.99 to £19.99.

Certain products will be available from Thomas Moor in Exeter and Tesco in Tiverton.  These products will also be available from a new school shop, located in Student Services.  We are also exploring the option of an online shop in addition to the Thomas Moor online shop.

This guide will tell you all you need to know about uniform policy, and the transition guide will answer any immediate questions you may have about the new policy.

Yours sincerely,

Sammy Crook

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