Thursday, September 21, 2017

Should a student be injured at school the First Aid staff will provide initial care and if required, access medical treatment, informing Parents / Carers of their actions.

If your son / daughter is unwell, please do not send them to school in the hope that they will feel better. Anyone suffering from vomiting should remain at home, returning to school when they have not vomited for 48 hours and have eaten.

If your child needs to attend a medical or similar appointment during school he /she must obtain and carry an absence permit. This permit can be obtained from the Attendance Office by means of a note from parents. 


If medicines, prescribed by a doctor, need to be administered during school hours, please contact the First Aider and fill out a ‘Parental Consent Form’.  Any prescribed medicine should be lodged and kept securely with the First Aider. We encourage all students who use inhalers to control their asthma to lodge a spare with our First Aider, in case of emergencies.

School Nurse

My name is Cherry Traynor-Cox and I am a School Nurse working with the Public Health Nursing Team in Tiverton.  I offer a confidential service to school aged children and young people.

My role is to support children and young people with medical conditions to lead a healthy lifestyle and also to support children and young people with medical conditions and emotional health problems.  I can provide a link between health and School and can signpost to other services.

I also co-run the Tiverton bladder and bowel service and run a monthly clinic.

You can contact me on: 01392 384189

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