Thursday, September 21, 2017

The purpose of the Parent Forum is to circulate the latest news and information that will help Parents to support their student through their secondary education.


Why would the school go to this effort and target parents/guardians in particular?

It is often the case that when students leave primary school and start secondary, parents/guardians lose touch with the day to day school life of their young person. It is proven that students who are continued to be supported by those at home in secondary as they were in primary, are more likely to succeed in their education. Schools are also more up to date in the latest trends affecting teenagers and are well placed to in turn educated parents/guardians as to the sort of challenges their young person may be facing. This includes passing on information that the school receives from government bodies and charities, both local and national, which can keep you informed and allow you to have the information to help you support them, both in terms of their education and life outside of school.

What Happens at Parent Forums?

Our Parent Forum meetings will give you the opportunity to have a say in some aspects of school life, but more importantly, you can take part in talks regarding the issues that all our young people are facing. For example: Being Safe Online, Supporting Your Teenager Through Exams, Choosing their GCSEs in Year 9 and Drugs and Alcohol Education to name a few.

To get involved, and find out when our next event is; find us on…

THSparentforum (Facebook)

@forumTHS (Twitter)

For further information contact Caroline Warren (Head of Student Safeguarding) on 01884 256655


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