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Tiverton High School Uniform Policy and Guide


All students are expected to wear this uniform correctly. Parents will be contacted and asked to provide an alternative if students are in incorrect uniform.

Jacket: Tiverton High School jacket with logo

Shirt: A long or short sleeved plain white shirt with collar buttoned to the neck

Tie: Correct house tie

Trousers: Badged plain black school trousers from approved suppliers list

Skirts: Badged plain black school skirts from approved suppliers list, worn to the knee

Jumpers: Plain black v-neck knitted jumper or cardigan over shirt and tie (optional)

Socks: Dark socks. White socks and black or flesh coloured tights can be worn with skirts

Shoes: Black leather/synthetic flat shoes

Jewellery: Maximum of two stud earrings, badges issued by the school, watches.

Hair & makeup: Discreet make-up, if worn


The following is not allowed:

Trousers: Leggings, jeggings, skin-tight/stretch trousers, shiny trousers, trousers with zip adornments.

Skirts: Skirts that are not a reasonable length or that do not allow a reasonable range of movement

Jumpers: Round-necked jumpers, hoodies (with the exception of KS4 PE hoodies)

Shoes: Trainers/skater shoes e.g. Vans, coloured laces or coloured accents

Jewellery: More than two earrings, piercings other than in ears

Hair: No unnatural hair colours, no exaggerated hair styles


Trousers and skirts must be approved by school and purchased from:

  • Tesco Tiverton (garments will be badged for you in store)
  • Thomas Moore online or in store in Exeter (badged for you in store)
  • Tiverton High School shop (badged for you)





Frequently asked questions:


Q: What if I have already bought clothing for next academic year?

A: During the transitional period we are keen that nobody is left out of pocket.

If trousers and skirts worn or purchased before 1st July 2017 are inline with the school’s uniform guidelines, we will badge it for you, free of charge.

Please hand in any uniform, in a bag and clearly named with a contact number, to Student Services before 14th July 2017.   An additional letter will be posted home to explain arrangements in more detail on the 7th July 2017.

We will badge the items and contact you for collection before the start of term in September.  If the uniform provided is not deemed to be inline with policy, then it will not be badged and new uniform will need to be purchased.


Q: How do I know if my son/daughter’s current trousers/skirt meets the uniform policy?

A: Please refer to the guidance in the policy


Q: How much will it cost?

A: The prices of uniform trousers and skirts will range in price from £5.99 to £19.99 depending on size and style.  This makes them comparable to supermarkets and other high street stores.

Please be aware that any uniform sold through the school shop will be cost neutral.


Q: Where can I buy uniform from?

A: School uniform can be bought from the following places only:

  1. Thomas Moore, Exeter and their online uniform shop
  2. Our new school shop located in student services and the forthcoming online school store
  3. Tescos, Tiverton
    • Girls trousers: ap639503
    • Boys trousers: ag639507
    • (slim fit) Boys trousers: ag639445
    • Girls skirt: ag239329

Uniform can be ordered and collected from the school.


Q: When do they need to be bought by?

A: New trousers and skirts can be ordered from 5th July.  They will need to be purchased by the end of the summer holiday and worn from the first day of the new academic year in September.

We will provide more detailed information about access to the school shop and how to badge existing uniform in a future letter which will be posted hom on Friday 7th July.


Q: Will shorts be allowed in the uniform.

A: Currently shorts are not part of the uniform.  We will be consulting with students and parents in the spring term 2018 around the possiblility of adding shorts to the summer uniform.


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