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Online Safety and Information and Communications Technology

Acceptable-use Policy - STUDENTS


Online Safety

It is the responsibility of all staff at Tiverton High School to encourage and promote the safe and
responsible use of new technologies for teaching and learning. Acceptable-use guidelines for
promoting responsible use of the Internet with key points and successful strategies are available
to all staff.

Internet access for students and staff is filtered through the use of our ISP (South West Grid For
Learning). The SWGfL system allows for detailed analysis at individual level of all Internet
activity. This filtering is supported by a system that can be set to block specific Internet
addresses as and when appropriate.

Electronic messaging via computers on the school network between students is monitored and
abuse is automatically flagged and brought to the Network Manager’s attention. This information
is then disseminated to Curriculum Leader New Technologies who feeds the details back to
Learning Managers and SWOs as appropriate. Any evidence of bullying using new technologies
is treated according to the school’s bullying policy and action taken accordingly.

Cyber-bullying between students that happens outside of school systems is primarily the
responsibility of the individuals involved and the services (e.g. Social Network site) in question.
Although the school will of course support parents and students who are the victims of such
bullying in any way it can, the ultimate responsibility remains with the individuals and their
parents. We would encourage victims to involve other agencies (e.g. Police, the Social Network
company in question etc.) in such instances and will assist in making those connections when

Any evidence of cyber-abuse of Tiverton High School staff (e.g. via mobile phone or via the
Internet) will be treated with extreme seriousness and other agencies (e.g. Police) will be
involved as appropriate.

The use of mobile phones and other mobile communications devices for learning within THS is
encouraged. Abuse of these technologies will be taken seriously however, and evidence of
bullying via mobile phone, for example, will be dealt with according to the school code and the
whole school bullying policy.

Guidelines for Internet-use

Students are responsible for good behaviour on the Internet and are expected to observe the
school code just as they are in a classroom or around the school environment.

The Internet is primarily provided for students to conduct research, publish work and
communicate with other learners about teaching and learning topics. Parent’s/carer’s permission
for Internet use is presumed to have been given unless explicitly communicated to the school
otherwise. Access to all learning resources is a privilege that requires responsibility.

Individual users of the Internet are responsible for their behaviour and communications over the
local school network and the Internet. Users must comply with school standards and honour the
school code.

Network management and other senior members of staff may monitor and review files and
communications (including any external storage media brought to school) to ensure that users
are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored on servers (within
school, on the Internet or on storage media) are always private.

During school, teachers will guide students towards appropriate learning materials. Outside of
school, families bear responsibility for such guidance as they must also exercise with
information sources such as television, telephones, movies, radio and other media.

The following are not permitted within the school environment through any medium:

• Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures.
• Using obscene language.
• Harassing, insulting or attacking others.
• Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks.
• Violating copyright laws.
• Using others’ passwords or accounts.
• ‘Hacking’ into others’ folders, work or files for any reason.

In addition, and in accordance with the SWGfL acceptable use policy, users will not:  

Visit Internet sites, make, post, download, upload or pass on, material, remarks, proposals or
comments that contain or relate to:

• Pornography (including child pornography)
• Promoting discrimination of any kind
• Promoting racial or religious hatred
• Promoting illegal acts
• Any other information which may be offensive to other members of the school

Incidents which appear to involve deliberate access to Web sites, newsgroups and online
groups that contain the following material will be reported to the police:

• Images of child abuse (images of children, apparently under 16 years old) involved in
sexual activity or posed to be sexually provocative
• Adult material that potentially breaches the Obscene Publications Act in the UK
• Criminally racist material in the UK


• Violations of the above rules will be dealt with according to the school code.
• Parents/carers will be informed in accordance with the school code procedures.
• Additional disciplinary action may include a temporary or permanent ban on
internet/computer use.
• If necessary, external agencies such as Social Networking or Email Member sites may
be contacted and informed.
• When applicable, police or local authorities may be involved.




Information and Communications Technology Acceptable-use Policy

• You may not use the Internet if your parents have asked that access not be given.
• You must have a supervising teacher or member of staff with you when using the
• Do not disclose any password or login name to anyone, other than the persons
responsible for running and maintaining the system.
• Do not upload/send personal details, for example addresses, telephone/fax numbers or
photographs of anyone (staff or students) at the school.  
• Use of names of students, or photographs of students, will require parents to have been
informed about such use.
• Do not download, use or upload any material that is copyright. Always seek permission
from the owner before using any material from the Internet. If in doubt ask your teacher,
or do not use the material.
• Under no circumstances should you view, upload or download any material which is
likely to be unsuitable for children. This applies to any material of a violent, dangerous
or inappropriate context. If you are unsure ask the teacher or classroom supervisor.
• Always respect the privacy of other users.  
• Be polite and appreciate that other users might have different views than your own. The
use of strong language, swearing or aggressive behaviour is not allowed. Do not state
anything that could be interpreted as libel.
• Ensure that you have followed the correct procedures for using the Internet.
• Report any incident that breaches these rules to the Curriculum Leader New
Technologies or the school Network Manager.

In addition, all users of the Internet from within the school system (all students and all
staff) are deemed to have agreed to the South West Grid for Learning’s acceptable use
policy. This is available as a separate document.

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