Monday, September 25, 2017


Gifted and Talented students at Tiverton High School are those who perform or have the ability to perform at a level significantly beyond their chronologically aged peers.  Their unique abilities and characteristics require special provision and social and emotional support.  Typically they possess the following three traits:

  • Task commitment
  • Creativity
  • Above average ability.

Gifted and talented students are identified by making a judgement based on an analysis of various sources of information including:

  • Test scores (end of Key Stage levels: CAT scores; other subject based tests)
  • Teacher nomination (based on classroom observation, discussions with students and work scrutiny which meet agreed departmental criteria for G&T performance)
  • Primary School records and information.
  • Parental nomination – if a parent volunteers information regarding a potential G&T student, we will investigate further.

The Gifted and Talented Register is regularly reviewed and updated.

Tiverton High School will provide the gifted and talented students with their full entitlement to the National Curriculum and, additionally, provide access to curriculum enhancement in both National Curriculum areas and, where appropriate, outside.

The School will seek to discover and utilise a range of strategies to improve the teaching and learning of the gifted and talented.   The focus for these strategies will be through high quality teaching and learning, since this will impact on a greater number of students with greater frequency than ‘one off’ enrichment activities. The main strategies employed will be around:

  • enabling ‘deep learning’ through analysis, synthesis and evaluation
  • developing independent learning strategies and skills in students

This area of the website will showcase some of the outcomes from our G&T students across the school.

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