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It is the aim of Tiverton High School to make the exam process as stress-free and successful for all students as possible.

For parents often your only experience, and consequently understanding, of exams comes from your own time at school! In some respects the process is the same as it ever was and in others it might be remarkably different. Certainly both exams and exam delivery are undergoing major changes as you will be aware from the press and national news stories. This area of the site aims to provide you with as much information as possible to guide you, and your child/children, through the exam process and any changes affecting them.

Information Sent Home

Please also visit our Essential Exam Information page.

We use a range of methods to ensure that parents are kept fully informed of the exams process. We would strongly encourage all parents to download the following two applications (which are suitable for Apple, Windows and Android devices) because they really do help us to improve our communication with you. They are:

Schoolcomms (School Gateway) 

Show My Homework (SMHW)

Schoolcomms SMHW

Revision Resources (including parental support advice)

This section talks through the information which can be found in both the Downloads and WebLinks sections of the site. The support available ranges from “how to encourage your child to revise” to “how to cope with a child that is so anxious that they can’t stop revising”! It also covers the huge range of revision support available from school and via the web.

You will be pleased to hear that the download documents do not have to be printed at home. Students in Year 11 will be given hardcopies to bring home during the Autumn Term. If, however, they do not make it home (and quite often they don’t!) then please either view their content onscreen or, alternatively, you can request an additional hardcopy by emailing the school’s Exams Office. A link to this email address is given below.

Rules and Regulations

As you might expect the delivery of exams is governed, not by the school, but by the awarding bodies (or examination boards) who set down strict criteria about the conduct and administration of exams. There is an umbrella organisation, which operates on behalf of the exam boards, to produce and police these criteria which is called the Joint Council for Qualifications or “JCQ”. Copies of some of the JCQ rules and guidelines for students are shown in the “Downloads” section but to see this information in more detail please use the “Website Links” to visit the JCQ’s own website.


All schools are required to follow JCQ’s rules for exam delivery to the letter and they all undergo a regular inspection, on behalf of the exam boards, to ensure that this is so. The expression “Exam Malpractice” covers “cheating”, plagiarism, offensive comments or drawings on an exam script, offensive or disruptive behaviour during an exam, misconduct and maladministration. In the event that a student is found to have committed some form of malpractice, either before or during an exam, the penalties can be severe; including disqualification from a single paper or from ALL exams taken by that student. There is an appeals procedure and, in the event that a student is found to have committed malpractice, the student and their parents will be guided through this process.

More information can be found on the Rules and Regulations page.

What is SPaG?

SPaG is short for "Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar". As you might expect students are marked on this aspect in their English Language exam. What you may not know is that they are also marked for spelling, punctuation and grammar in the following GCSEs as well: English Literature, Geography, History and Religious Studies. Guidance can be found via a number of sites but a summary can be found on AQA's website. Science students are also expected to be able to demonstrate accurate spelling of subject specific terminology.


Hopefully this area of the site will cover everything else that you need to know but if there is anything you do not understand or have any question that has not been addressed then do please ask.

THS Exams Office

For help or advice at any time before, during or after the exams series please contact the school’s Exams Office. Alternatively your student’s teacher, Subject Leader, Head of House or Student Support Services will be able to help……in fact everyone at the school is here to help!

Liz Ford, Exams Manager

Cathy Britton, Exams Assistant

Ask for extension 263 or contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively use the contact form here. 


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