Monday, September 25, 2017

During the last few years the exams process has undergone a major review following the Wolf Report. As a consequence of this our current Key Stage 4 students and those in Key Stage 3 will have a very different experience from those who left in summer 2015 or earlier.

GCSE Grades

The latest change to the GCSE process is the switch away from the traditional GCSE grades of A*, A, B, C, D, E, F and G. These will gradually be replaced by numeric grades 9 to 1 starting with Maths, English Language and English Literature GCSEs in summer 2017. More details about these changes can be found on the Government's website on their pages here.

Controlled Assessment (or Non-Examination Assessments "NEAs")

Historically GCSEs contained a mix of coursework (more recently retitled "controlled assessment" or "non-examination assessment") and written exams. The controlled assessment element(s) is/are completed during the two years of the course, however, the marks are not submitted to the exam board until the very end of the course i.e. in Year 11 when they will also sit all of their exams.

Non-examination assessments are subject to rules and regulations governed by the Joint Council for Qualifications or JCQ  in just the same way that the written exams are. Consequently, there are disciplinary procedures for misconduct. There are three school documents regarding this (all of which can be downloaded to view here). The documents are called:

1. JCQ's Information for Candidates - Non-Examination Assessments

2. Disciplinary Procedures for Academic Misconduct (an extract from Tiverton High School's Non-Examinable Assessments Policy)

3. Non Examinable Assessments - Appeals Policy

Attendance and Achievement

There is a clear link between the level of attendance and achievement in exams. The data below is from the results of Tiverton High School students.

  • 90% attendance means you are missing the equivalent of half a day of school every single week
  • 80% attendance means you are missing the equivalent of a whole day of school every single week.

Attendance Level

Average Grade "Best 8" Qualifications

Achievement 5+A*-C incl English & Maths

above 90%



between 86-89%



below 85%



 Attendance do’s and don’ts during KS4

  1. Do try and arrange any Doctors or Dentist appointments for after 3.25pm or during the lunch break if it’s local.
  2. Being off ill can’t be helped but make sure you catch up any work that you have missed.
  3. Holidays (or time off for social or personal reasons) during term time WILL have an impact on your ability to achieve. It is unlikely that holiday will be authorised by the school while you are in KS4 and there can be financial penalties for taking unauthorised time off school. So, during these two years, please only take your holidays during the school holidays and not during term time.

For ALL of the topics below please visit our Essential Exam Information page. 

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If you have any queries or questions then please contact the THS Exams Office staff:

Liz Ford, Exams Manager

Cathy Britton, Exams Assistant

Extension 263 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively use the contact form here. 


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