70K Golden Nugget Found

A gold hunter, named Mick Brown from Kerang , Australia found a golden nugget bigger than his fist.

The massive piece of gold was worth 70,000 pounds. He decided to go to Wedderburn, Victoria, where he was walking around with his metal detector looking for treasure when his metal detector alarm went off and nearly blew his ears off. At first he thought it was just a pile of scrap metal but as he dug down he unearthed the nugget. Mick celebrated with a can of beer

Mick is going to sell the 70,000 pound nugget to a Las Vegas casino and is hoping to buy himself a new car. He doesn’t want the nugget melted down because and I quote “it’s been there for millions of years to develop and I don’t want to ruin it now”. The Las Vegas casino will keep the nugget whole on display.

Reported by Josh

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