Killer smog

Experts say a toxic smog will choke the nation this morning. Medics have warned it could put thousands of ill or vulnerable Brits at a health risk. Doncaster and the surrounded areas will at a higher risk. Other areas affected are South Wales, Devon and Cornwall. Also on Wednesday the 18th March a huge brown cloud of smog covered the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


The solar eclipse that will happen this Friday could be hard to see because the killer smog will hide the moon.

If you have bad lungs or asthma, you will be heavily affected over the smog build up, it could lead into more harsh symptoms and asthma attacks.

Reported by Zack


Eiffel Tower hidden by huge brown cloud of smog.

According to Airparif “The pollution levels are consistent. If we don’t go over the alert level, we won’t be far away.”

Airparif are responsible for monitoring the air quality in France.

Particles called PM10 are measured to monitor the quality of the air, to determine pollution levels. These need to be monitored because the most dangerous particles can get into your lungs and cause cancer.

Since Wednesday the authorities have put in emergency measures such as limiting cars in and around Paris to only travel at 12mph. All French public transport is free and the authorities are only allowing one car out of two into the capital.

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