World Book Day

Last Thursday the 5th of March was world book day which is an event that takes place all around the world.

Staff at Tiverton High School dressed up as their favourite book characters and the students were involved in competitions like designing a cover for a book. At least one teacher from every subject was involved, with the whole English department being Dalmatians. However the prize for the best costume went to Mrs Evans who dressed up as the Queen of Hearts.


World Book Day was celebrated to promote and encourage people to read books. It has been an annual event for several years. It started in book, shops and libraries and each year it has become more popular with more people involved.

We found out about this event from posters displayed around the school.

Q&A: THS Librarian Sally Long

Q) What’s your favourite book?

A) Book thief.

Q) What’s your favourite character?

A) Cathy in Wuthering Heights.

Q) When do you like to read?

A) On the beach, before bed and in the garden.

Q) Do you think WBD is a good idea? Why?

A) It’s a good idea because it gets everyone to think about books and it is covered on social media.

Reported by Damian



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